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Mimic Octopus

Thaumoctopus mimicus

Size – average 60cm (2ft)

Mimic Octopus are naturally light brown or beige in color but they can change to a brighter white-brown to scare off their predators.

They have small horns that protrude from each eye, they have small arms only reaching the diameter of a pencil in the largest areas.

They are found in the Indo-Pacific region with most being found around Indonesia. They prefer muddy sea floors and sandy areas.

Their diet consists of small fish, crabs, and worms.

Mimic Octopus are unique and named after their ability to contort their bodies to mimic other sea creatures; the most common being the lionfish, sea snake, jellyfish, and the zebra sole.

They will use a jet of water to move along the seafloor hunting for prey.

These unique Cephalopods get their name from their incredible ability to mimic poisonous species and vicious sea creatures to scare off their predators. 

They are highly intelligent and will choose what creature to mimic based on what they believe will scare off whatever is hunting them.

Mimic Octopus Graphic
By Steve Childs - originally posted to Flickr as Mimic Octopus, CC BY 2.0,
Mimic Octopus Camouflage Mode by nualaimages - Envato Elements
Mimic Octopus in Tulamben Indonesia by joebelanger - Envato Elements
Mimic Octopus in Tulamben Indonesia by joebelanger - Envato Elements