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Crowned Jellyfish

Cephea Cephea

Size – They can reach nearly 24 inches (60cm) in diameter.

The Crowned Jellyfish has a cauliflower or warty-like appearance and is known to be one of deadliest species of Jellyfish, though not typically harmful to humans.

They live a short life; only 3 to 6 months long, and similar to other jellyfish, such as the Box Jellyfish, they have nematocysts on their tentacles that are used to stun and kill their prey.

They are found in the tropical waters of the Western Indo-Pacific and over to Northern Australia.

Usually, they are found in depths below 3000 feet.

Crowned Jellyfish are carnivores and mainly feed on Zooplankton

They are known to dwell in the shallow water at night, but spend their days in the deeper, darker waters.

It is sometimes referred to as the Cauliflower Jellyfish, and belongs to the Genus, Cephea, in the family Cephidae. Their status in the wild is of least concern.

Crowned Jellyfish (Cephea cephea) Graphic
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Crowned Jellyfish or Cauliflour Jelly Gallery 2
"Cauliflour Jellyfish, Cephea cephea tilted view with partial backlight at Marsa Shouna, Red Sea, Egypt #SCUBA" by Derek Keats is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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"File:The water is full of Cauliflour Jellyfish, Cephea cephea at Marsa Shouna, Red Sea, Egypt -SCUBA (6238367346).jpg" by Derek Keats from Johannesburg, South Africa is licensed under CC BY 2.0