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Yellow Tang

Zebrasoma flavescens

The yellow tang is a brightly colored fish that is native to the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular fish in the aquarium trade and is known for its striking yellow color and oval-shaped body.

In terms of size and biology, the yellow tang is a medium-sized fish that typically grows to be about 6-8 inches in length. It has a bright yellow body with a horizontal black band running across its body and a pointed tail. 

The yellow tang is found in the shallow waters of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean, primarily around the Hawaiian Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. It prefers to live in areas with plenty of coral and algae, which it feeds on.

The yellow tang’s diet consists primarily of algae and other plant matter, which it grazes on throughout the day. It is an herbivorous fish and will sometimes pick at the algae growing on the coral reefs where it lives.

In terms of behavior, the yellow tang is a relatively peaceful fish that tends to live in large schools. It is a social creature and can often be seen swimming and feeding with other fish in its group.

The yellow tang belongs to the genus Zebrasoma and the family Acanthuridae, which includes other species of tangs and surgeonfish. It is a popular fish in the aquarium trade, although it is important to provide it with a large enough tank to accommodate its size and the need to swim in schools.

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