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Horn Shark

Heterodontus francisci

Horn Shark Average Length – 3ft

They can be easily identified by their short blunt head, and ridged brows over their eyes. They have a brown or grey skin color with many dark spots.

Primary found in the coastal waters of North America, ranging from California to the Gulf of California.

Mollusks and Crustaceans

Horn Sharks eat by using suction from their downward facing mouths and then “chewing” or crushing its prey.

They are nocturnal; hiding during the day inside caves or crevices. After dusk, they roam the ocean floor searching for food.

They are harmless to humans and are popular in aquariums.

“This species is currently listed as “Data Deficient” by IUCN. But is likely “Least concern” and the populations are doing well throughout their range.” – Via Florida Musuem (UFL)

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