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Flame Angelfish

Centropyge loricula

Size – 4in (10cm) Males are typically larger and more colorful than the females.

Flame Angelfish are bright orange-red with vertical stripes on the sides with blue tipped dorsal and anal fins.

Found in tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean in coral reefs and clear lagoons. They can commonly be found in the Cook, Line, and Marshall Island waters.

They feed mainly on Algae and Crustaceans.

They tend to live in groups of three to seven and also have a tendency to be aggressive toward others of their species, but interestingly are friendly to most other fish.

Flame Angelfish belong to the Genus, Centropyge.

They have a lifespan of 5-7 years.

The shorter lifespan can be explained by their dietary shift from juvenile to adult. When they are young, they mainly feed on algae/plankton, but when they become adults, they may “risk” it and test an unknown food source.

They are one of the most popular dwarf angelfish for aquariums and survive well in captivity.

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Flame Angelfish Gallery
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