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Marine Angelfish, not to be confused with the freshwater version (tropical cichlids,) are colorful, laterally compressed, tropical fish that dwell in shallow coral reefs. The family contains eight genera and around 88 species. These bold fish can live up to 25+ years, mainly because they are very hardy and adaptable fish.

Flame Angelfish Clickable
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Queen Angelfish Clickable
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Royal (Regal) Angelfish Clickable
By H. Zell - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Angelfish Info:

Size – 20-30cm average with the largest able to reach up to 60cm (24 in)

They have laterally compressed bodies with various colorful designs. The name means “Cover Thorn or Thorn Cover” likely due to their strong preopercle spines.

In their natural habitat, they can be found in tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Western Pacific in shallow coral reefs.

Mainly Algae found in coral reefs.

They are very hardy fish, able to adapt to different pH levels and temperature changes.

These colorful fish are known for their boldness, fearlessness, and overall having a very friendly personality and will approach divers.

The family (Pomacanthidae) contains eight genera and around 88 species.

They are known to live up to 25+ years. These fish are highly popular in aquarium setups and a variety of species can be found around the world in said aquariums, or in their natural habitats.