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Queen Angelfish

Holacanthus ciliaris

Size – 12 inches average, but can reach up to 18 inches

The Queen Angelfish gets its name from it’s beautiful blue “crown” on its forehead.

They are yellow with sapphire blue highlights throughout their bodies with an iridescent surface with oval shaped bodies.

Found in warm, subtropical waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean and are benthic (bottom dwelling) in coral reefs.

Mainly Sponges, as well as Jellyfish, Coral, Plankton and Algae.

These colorful fish prefer open water for swimming but will retreat to large crevices or caves when they feel threatened.

They are found swimming alone or in pairs, sometimes even known to form a great bond and develop a long-term monogamous pairing with another.

They are aggressive toward fish of their kind and other species of the same size.

Queen Angelfish belong to the Genus, Holacanthus.

They can live up to 15 years.

They are primarily marine but can adapt to different levels of saltiness, making them a popular option for marine aquariums.

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Queen Angelfish Gallery
Queen angelfish (Holocanthus ciliaris), Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary,Queen angelfish on by Mint_Images
Queen Angelfish Gallery
Queen angelfish swimming through Pillar coral. by Mint_Images - Envato Elements