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Squatina squatina

Angelsharks have an Average Length of 5ft

Their body is broad and flattened, and their posterior part is more muscular which is more typical of other sharks.

They have extensible jaws and that can rapidly snap upward to capture their prey.

Angelsharks also have long needle like teeth.

These Sharks live primarily on the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea and eastern Atlantic Ocean. 

They are found in abundance near the Canary Islands.

Small fish, skates, crustaceans and molluscs.
They choose resting sites by how successful they are catching prey.
If they are successful they will hide themselves in the mud and sand for extended periods of time.

Angelsharks (Squatina Squatina) are considered critically endangered due to fishing in their primary habitats.

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Angelshark Graphic
Angelshark (Squatina squatina) CLickable
By Philippe Guillaume - et moi, CC BY 2.0,
Angelshark (Squatina squatina) in Lanzarote Clickable
Angelshark (Squatina squatina) in Tenerife Clickable
By Philippe Guillaume - Slingshot, CC BY 2.0,