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Whale Shark

Rhincodon typus

Whale Sharks are the biggest fish in all of the sea. It is the largest non-mammalian vertebrate.

Average Size – Can vary from 40ft all of the way up to 60ft

Weight – 20 tons

They have over 300 rows of tiny teeth and 20 filter pads used for filter feeding.

They are blue, green and sometimes grey with distinctive white lines and spots along their bodies.

They inhabit all tropical and warm temperate areas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.

They can be found along the coast and also out in the deeper ocean.

As filter feeders, simply Plankton and small fish.

They are docile sharks and are very much so a gentle giant. They pose no danger to humans.

They can be found migrating lengthy distances to feed.

They pose little to no threat to humans.

Unlike most sharks their mouths are located at the front of their head rather than the underside.

They are the largest fish and shark in the ocean. 

Whale Sharks are currently on the endangered species list.

Follow this link for more fun information on these big beauties!

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