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Zebra Shark

Stegostoma fasciatum

A Zebra Shark’s average length is 8ft.

They have very recognizable patterns of dark spots on a sandy brown background.

They live in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific, ranging from South Africa to the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, to India and Southeast Asia.

Molluscs, crustaceans, and small bony fish.

They are nocturnal, spending most of the day laying on the seafloor while becoming active at night hunting for prey.

They are mostly solitary, but have been found in groups of 20-50. It is believed to be due to mating behaviors.

Zebra Sharks are not considered dangerous to humans.

They adapt well in captivity and are popular in aquariums. 

They are considered endangered due to commercial fishers capturing them for their oil and meat and for the degradation of their coral reef habitat.

Oceana has some great info on Zebra Sharks! Take a look!

Zebra Shark Graphic
© Andrea Izzotti - Stock.Adobe.Com
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© Andrea Izzotti - Stock.Adobe.Com
Zebra Shark Clickable
By Sigmund from Norway - Leopard shark, CC BY 2.0,