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Bramble Sharks


Average Family Body Size – 10ft

The Bramble Shark is purplish brown or black in color. Their skin is covered with foul smelling mucus.

The Prickly Shark is a stocky, dark shark with dermal denticles (thorn-like in appearance) covering its body.

They live in tropical and temperate waters worldwide and can be found close to the sea floor.

Smaller Sharks, Bony Fish, Cephalopods. and Crab.

Bramble Sharks (Prickly and Bramble) are both slow moving sharks and live most of their life along the bottom of the sea floor.

They are considered endangered due to their decline in numbers from fishing pressures in their habitats.

There are only 2 living species in the Bramble Sharks Family:

  • Echinorhinus brucus (Bramble Shark)
  • Echinorhinus cookei (Prickly Shark)

They are rarely encountered and little is known about this family of sharks.

Their liver is highly sought after in South Africa and used to make medicine.

The Florida Museum has some more great info on the Bramble Shark(species)!

Bramble Sharks Graphic
Bramble Shark Featured
By Hectonichus - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
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By Unknown author - Illustrations of the Zoology of South Africa, Public Domain,
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