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Dogfish Shark


Average Size – 3.5 to 4.5ft

Dogfish Sharks are known to be compact and slender sharks. They have two dorsal fins, no anal fin and white spots along its back. Its distinctive feature is the  two smooth spines that run along its back on the dorsal fins. Dogfish Sharks actually contain a venom that coats the dorsal spines. They don’t typically utilize this venom when hunting; they tend to stick with their jaws to do this, but this venom would be mildly toxic to humans if handled in abundance or improperly.

Found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Eastern Indian Oceans in coastal waters.

Small Bony Fish (Mackerel, Herring), Squid, and Jellyfish.

They have been found in groups up to 100 swimming close together, hunting schools of fish.

These sharks have been found to migrate up to 5,000 miles.

Dogfish Sharks are classified across two genera:

  • Squalus (Spurdogs)
  • Cirrhigaleus

The name Dogfish was earned due to their tendency to swim in large groups, like a pack.

They used to be one of the most abundant sharks in the world but their numbers have declined significantly due to overfishing for human consumption primarily throughout Europe.

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