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Gulper Sharks


Average Size – They are small to medium sharks, ranging from 2.5 to 5 ft.

The members of the genus Deania are known for their long flattened snout. 

They (Gulper Sharks) have long slender bodies with a long snout and large greenish eyes. Their top teeth are long and blade-like and their bottom teeth have finely serrated edges.

These sharks can be found globally in tropical and temperate waters in meters of about 300-800 meters. They prefer upper continental slopes and outer continental shelves.

Mainly small bony fish. Occasionally Squid and Crustaceans.

They are migratory sharks and have been frequently found traveling in schools.

There are 18 species across two genera:

  • Centrophorus
    • Centrophorus atromarginatus (dwarf gulper)
    • Centrophorus granulosus (gulper shark)
    • Centrophorus harrissoni (dumb gulper)
    • Centrophorus isodon (blackfin gulper)
    • Centrophorus lusitanicus (lowfin gulper)
    • Centrophorus moluccensis (smallfin gulper)
    • Centrophorus seychellorum (Seychelles gulper)
    • Centrophorus squamosus (leafscale gulper)
    • Centrophorus tessellatus (mosaic gulper)
    • Centrophorus uyato (Little gulper)
    • Centrophorus westraliensis (western gulper)
    • Centrophorus zeehaani (southern dogfish)
    • Centrophorus sp. A (minigulper)
    • Centrophorus sp. B (slender gulper)
  • Deania
    • Deania calcea (birdbeak dogfish)
    • Deania hystricosa (rough longnose dogfish)
    • Deania profundorum (arrowhead dogfish)
    • Deania quadrispinosa (longsnout dogfish)

They are considered vulnerable because of their abnormally long gestation period and inability to produce lots of offspring. It’s also because of human exploitation.

The only human interaction is with fishing because of their tendencies to stay in deeper waters.

Leafscale Gulper Shark Graphic
By R. Mintern - Report on the deep-sea fishes collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876 Günther, Albert C. L. G. (Albert Carl Ludwig Gotthilf), 1830-1914, Public Domain,
Gulper Shark Galler
"Leafscale Gulper Shark" by briansuda is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Gulper Shark Featured
By D Ross Robertson -, Public Domain
Gulper Shark List
By Tambja - This file was derived from:Centrophorus gran.JPG:Centrophorus niaukang.JPG:Centrophorus squamosus.JPG:Centrophorus cf tessellatus.JPG:, CC BY-SA 3.0,