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Blue Shark

Prionace glauca

Average Size – 9ft

It has a slim body with a long, conical snout, large eyes and long-narrow pectoral fins. They are bright blue in color with a white underbelly.

Blue Sharks are one of the fastest Sharks, reaching an average speed of up to 43 mph / 70 kph.

Can be found worldwide in tropical to cold temperate waters in the open ocean.

Their main diet consists of Squid, but also includes other Invertebrates, Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Small Bony Fish, and Other Sharks.

These Sharks are known to migrate, with individuals making several trips across oceans throughout their lifetime. 

They are most active in the early evening and tend to move closer to the shore at night.

They are fast swimmers and can catch prey easily.

Scientists believe they use their long pectoral fins to glide along currents to conserve their energy during migration.

Blue Sharks have one of the largest geographic distributions of any shark and are one of the most common pelagic sharks in the world.

Their fins are highly valuable and they may be the target of illegal “shark-finning.”

Recent reports say there has been a 60%-80% decline in catch rates and sighting frequency but cannot be used to determine global population decline.

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