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Bull Shark

Carcharhinus leucas

Size – 7ft-11ft

Weight – Males typically weigh up to 210lbs while the Females can average nearly 300lbs. There have been reports of a few Females that have weighed in at nearly 800lbs!

They have long stout bodies, and are wider and heavier than most requiem sharks.

They are grey on top and have a white underside similar to that of the Great White.

Bull Sharks also have the strongest bite force (compared to all currently investigated cartilaginous fishes.)


They are found worldwide in tropical to temperate waters, but can also be found around the coast and in freshwater coastal rivers.

They can be found in several major rivers as well.

Bony fish, Small Sharks, some Mammals, Seabirds, and sometimes Sea Turtles.

They are well known to be aggressive and have zero tolerance if provoked.

They are one of, if not the most, likely Shark to bite a human.

They are able to move between freshwater and saltwater freely.

Because of this, they come into contact regularly with humans and are responsible for fatally biting more people than any other species of Shark.

They get their name “bull shark” from their short blunt nose, aggressive behavior, and stocky build.

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