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Goblin Shark

Mitsukurina owstoni

Size – The average length is 10-13ft,  but some have been discovered as large as 20ft

Goblin Sharks have an extendable jaw to help them catch prey.

They have narrow snouts and fang-like teeth and pale pink skin.

Goblin Sharks are a deep sea-shark and can be found worldwide in tropical to temperate waters around upper continental slopes of depths around 900-3,000ft.

Mainly teleost Fish (Rat Tails and Dragon Fish) , sometimes Cephalopods and Crustaceans.

There is not much research on these sharks but they are believed to be inactive and sluggish due to their body structure and weakly developed muscles. 

They are believed to be an ambush predator using their long snout to detect electromagnetic fields and their extendable jaw to catch their prey.

They pose little to no threat to humans because of their preference for deep water.

The IUCN has them listed as “Least Concern” in terms of vulnerability.

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