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Mackerel Sharks


Mackerel Sharks, or White Sharks, are an order of fast and large sharks broken down into 10 families with 22 species, with a total of 7 living families and 17 living species.

Some of the most popular sharks fall within this order such as: the Great White Shark, Mako Shark, the legend of the Megalodon, and the oddity of the Goblin Shark.

Shortfin Mako Shark Graphic
Great White Shark (Mackerel Shark) Gallery
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Mackerel Sharks Info:

Size Range – 5 to 20ft 

Mackerel Sharks, or White Sharks, are fast and large sharks characterized by having two dorsal fins, and anal fin, five gill slits, eyes without nictitating membranes, and a mouth extending behind the eyes. They are also well-known for the ability to maintain a body temperature higher than the water surrounding them.

Most Mackerel Sharks can be found worldwide, sometimes in tropical waters, but they mainly prefer temperate oceans.

Schools of fish like Mackerel, smaller Tuna, and other fish, but there is a variety of diets among Mackerels Sharks.

They are swift, active sharks known for speed and agility, but there are some Mackerels on the other end of this spectrum such as Megamouth Sharks and Sand Tiger Sharks that are known to be fairly slow and chill.

This order (Lamniformes) of sharks has 10 families with 22 species, with a total of 7 living families and 17 living species.

A list of all species can be found here: Lamniformes