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Otodus megalodon

The size of the Megalodon was believed to be 47-67ft.

It is said that they closely resembled the Great White Shark, with robust bodies and thick sharp teeth used for grabbing prey and breaking bones.

Believed to have lived in subtropical to temperate waters in parts of Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Australia based on found fossils.

Research says they would  have targeted large prey such as Whales, Seals, and Sea Turtles.

Scientists have not been able to study this shark due to its extinction millions of years ago, but it was believed to have been a fierce apex predator.

Its name means “big tooth”

They were the largest shark that ever lived.

The most common fossils found are its teeth, and some can be up to 10 inches.

The extinction of this behemoth was likely a result of climate change. The Earth experienced a lot of change during the period that this Shark lived in. Extreme cooling led to changes in the Ocean and it’s ecosystem. As a result, their food supply was likely impacted greatly.

It is believed that Megalodons weren’t heavily affected by the cooling water as it is said they were properly regulate their temperature.

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