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Salmon Shark

Lamna ditropis

Average Size – 6-8ft with some reaching 10ft.

Salmon Sharks have a short, cone-shaped snout, and are similar in appearance to the Great White Shark. They are medium-grey to black with a white and dark blotched underside.

Found in the Pacific Ocean in sub-arctic to temperate waters in continental offshore waters. Can sometimes be found in-shore as well.

Salmon (hence the name), Squid, and other Bony Fish.

They are highly migratory and will travel based on the abundance of prey. They can be found alone or sometimes in groups of up to 30 sharks.

They have the ability to change their body temperature by counter-current heat exchange meaning they have veins and arteries close to each other so cold blood coming from the gills can be heated by the blood returning to the gills to retrieve oxygen.

They are named “salmon sharks” due to their main choice of prey, Salmon.

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By Warren Metcalf - Shutterstock.Com
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By Warren Metcalf - Shutterstock.Com
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"Salmon Shark, Lamna ditropis" by J.J. Maughn is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0