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Mako Shark

Isurus oxyrinchus

Average Size – 10ft up to 16ft

Mako Sharks have a cylindrical shaped body with a vertically elongated tail and large eyes. With top speeds near 45mph, they are the fastest shark, and one of the fastest overall fish in the sea. They are metallic blue with a white underbelly.

They have one of the largest brain-body ratios, because of this, scientists believe that they are fast-learning and intelligent sharks.

Found in tropical to temperate waters worldwide. They are pelagic (open ocean) from the surface to depths of 500ft.

Mainly Bony Fish and Cephalopods, but occasionally other Sharks, Porpoises, Sea turtles, and Sea Birds.

Mako Sharks are a fast, active species that can leap into the air specially when hooked. 

They hunt by lunging vertically up and tearing off chunks of their prey’s flanks and fins.

Mako Sharks are highly sought after for sport fishing because of their acrobatics, speed and size.

Although they are a bigger shark species, they pose little threat to humans. Though, if they were, they could certainly cause a lot of harm.

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Makos are classified as endangered because they are targeted for sport and commercial fishing.

Shortfin Mako Shark Graphic
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