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Size – On average, 12-15ft but some can reach up to 16ft

Marlins are one of the fastest fish in the sea; able to reach short bursts of up to 68 mph.

They are characterized by their elongated body, a long, ridge-like dorsal fin, and their spear-like snout.

Most can be found in tropical to temperate oceans worldwide. They are pelagic and tend to live near the water’s surface.

They feed mainly on School Fish (Mackerel and Tuna,) and Squid.

They use their long bill to stun, injure or kill their prey by knifing through schools of fish.

They are highly migratory and will follow schools of fish for food.

There are 10 different species in the Istiophoridae family across 5 Genera:

  • Sailfish (2 species) 
    • Atlantic sailfish Indo-Pacific sailfish
  • Istiompax (1 species)
    • Black marlin
  • Makaira (2 species)
    • Atlantic blue marlin 
    • Indo-Pacific blue marlin
  • Kajikia (2 species)
    • White marlin 
    • Striped marlin
  • Tetrapturus (4 species)
    • Shortbill spearfish 
    • Roundscale spearfish 
    • Mediterranean spearfish 
    • Longbill spearfish

They are one of, if not, the fastest fish in the sea reaching short bursts of up to 68 mph.

They are considered endangered due to overfishing.

Females can grow up to 4 times the weight of males.

They have very few predators, some include Killer Whales, the Great White Shark and Mako Shark.

Blue Marlin Render
Striped Marlin Billfish
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Blue Marlin Gallery
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White Marlin Gallery
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