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Size –  On average they reach about 8 to 9 ft

Sailfish belong to the Marlin Family and are often listed among the fastest fish in the sea, reaching speeds up to 68mph in short bursts.

Most are blue-grey in color with a characteristic dorsal fin known as a sail,  usually stretching along the entire length of its back and can be taller than the length of their bodies. They are also characterized by their elongated bill.

Found worldwide in tropical to temperate waters of the open ocean near the water’s surface.

Juveniles feed on zooplankton with their prey increasing in size as they do.

Adults will feed on large Bony Fish, Crustaceans, and Squid. 

Their sailfin is normally bent down and only stands upright when they attack their prey.

Like other Billfish they use their elongated snout to hit and slash prey to catch them.

They will work in groups to stun and catch their prey, using their dorsal fins as barriers when catching smaller schooling fish like sardines and anchovies.

There are only two recognized species in this family, the Atlantic Sailfish and the Indo-Pacific Sailfish. Though, some don’t believe there is any difference between the two and have begun listing them as one species.

Very few animals prey on Sailfish, occasionally Orcas, Mako Sharks, Great White Sharks, and Dolphinfish

Sailfish are popular in recreational fishing but have little value to be kept and are listed as “Least Concern” on the scale.

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