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Bonnethead Shark

Sphyrna tiburo

Average Size – 3ft

Bonnethead Sharks have a broad, smooth, spade-like head. They have the smallest Cephalofoil of the hammerhead family. They have a grey-brown upper body and a lighter underside.

They are the only species of hammerhead to actively use their pectoral fins for swimming.

They live in the warmer waters close to the equator in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Primarily Crustaceans, but also Molluscs, Shrimp, and Small Bony Fish.

They live to swim in groups usually numbering from 5-15 sharks. Although, schools of hundreds or thousands have been reported together.

They are sometimes called a “bonnet shark” or “shovelhead.”

They will sink if they don’t keep moving because of i negative buoyancy.

They eat a large amount of sea grass, which they can digest, making them the only shark species that is omnivorous. Some scientists believe they eat it to protect their stomach from the spiny blue crab, which makes up the majority of of its diet.

They are considered endangered due to their declining numbers and widespread disappearance among regions.

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